Graduation, Wedding, & More

June – the month of graduations, weddings, and Father’s Day.  In my case, a month of events are taking place in 4 jam packed days.  I look  less like someone trying to peck out the next ‘Great American’ novel, than I do a displaced lark in a Las Vegas casino coffee shop. My husband and boys are night owls and I am a lark.  This is a problem best handled on vacations with gyms, coffee shops, and long baths with a book.  With my coffee in hand, I type.

I am in Vegas for my step-dad’s wedding. My parents moved to Vegas about 25 years ago to an acre that has been and is currently home to chickens, cats, rescue horses and donkeys.  Sadly, my mom passed a year and half ago. Today, Gene is marrying someone I have known since I was in high school.  Auntie Linda was a good friend of my parents, worked with my them and been there through the years.  She was even there almost 30 years ago when Mom and Gene said “I do”.  I have lots of emotions, but I love them both and wish them all the best.

Gene and Linda say “I do”!

We are also in Vegas as my husband is bowling the USBC National Tournament. This is a tournament Ray, and his 5 man team have competed together in a combined total of 133 years! The nice part of his bowling is that Ray usually makes some money.  Always a good thing and  it makes my horse husband happy.

Rewind a few days, and this is a BIGGIE,  my baby graduated high school.  Sure thousands of kids have graduated this month, but this was Hunter’s graduation. Did I mention he is my baby? If you don’t have kids, but ride dressage, this would be like taking your home grown/trained horse to his first show.  Your horse may not have been high score for the show (valedictorian), may not have won his class (honor student), but he finished with some nice moments.  “Horse has a dressage future!” (judge’s comment).  “I can’t wait to tell people I knew Hunter when…” (counselor’s comment). You get the idea.  He has big potential.  I am my kids’ biggest fan and encourage them to follow their dreams.  But like my horses, I have set them up for success but leave it to them to do it.

To you all: here’s to  love, happiness, and  dreams coming true.




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