First blog post

It’s Mother’s Day and my kids ask me what I want.  I have boys. Two I gave birth to, and one I married.  I am the odd woman out.  After 24 years of marriage, I should be used to it. I have tried to even the odds with our Pixel girl cat, but there is her brother Orangello, and the brother from another mother cat, Flop.   So, I have gone to taking the female balance with sheer weight with Jameson – my Dutch filly.  I digress. Get used to it.  Anyway, I try to ask for things that play to my kids’ strengths. My college age son loves his technology and I have always wanted to try blogging.  So for Mother’s Day,  T set this up for me, and has been encouraging me to ‘just do it’! So here I am. Here’s hoping others will relate to my blog dedicated to my passions and my loves.  And a few things that leave me wondering.